Regular Slotted Cardboard Containers Die Cuts Displays Litho-Laminate Specialty Glued Boxes Micro E-Flute through Triple Wall
Welcome to the Tri-Lakes Container Corporation web site.
Tri-Lakes Container is one of the largest and most versatile sheet plants in Indiana. We are redefining TLC and what it means for you.

Taking Interest
We believe in taking full interest in your company and its operations. The better we understand what you do, how you do it, and why you do it, the more successful we will be at supplying your packaging needs.
Long Lasting
We are looking to build long lasting relationships. We prefer to look past the customer/supplier relationship and focus on the partners in success relationship. We hope our ability to successfully supply your packaging needs positively impacts your ability to successfully supply your customers.
Complete Commitment
We are completely committed to providing your company with the type of service it requires. While other companies are saying no, we are saying no problem. We feel that our service is second to none. You can trust that every order will be produced to our high quality standards and delivered to you when you need it.
Let Tri-Lakes Container Give Your Packaging Needs A Little TLC.